From Managing to Networking:
Building Partner Networks in Long-Term Care

With this focal topic of the Congress we wish to highlight the importance of networking for strengthening organizations’ position in future years, sustainable development and creating new opportunities and benefits from synergic effects arising from networking activities.

In demographic terms, our societies are undergoing radical changes. In the following years, the work of individual institutions, service providers and independent experts will not be efficient enough to serve all arising needs. The members of our association, care home directors and service providers, are more and more aware that they need to actively approach to the new challenges; they need to create and get involved in networks of experts, service providers, supporting organizations and complementary services in order to offer improved, more efficient and innovative solutions, which are also financially sustainable. New networks and connections will create new synergies and concepts, from which all stakeholders (clients, services providers, NGOs, insurance and other companies, public systems etc.) could benefit.

Creating successful and productive business networks of all relevant stakeholders in the field of long-term care and broader field of social and health care, is a new challenge that we must address. Therefore we will present at our Congress the needed know-how, examples of best practices and successful management and organisation models. Representatives of famous organisations and companies, politicians, service providers, scientists, educators and other experts will give a lecture and discuss with the congress participants.